about me

My focus is to help small business find a personal and stress-free solution to maintaining their website, creating a website or learning more about WordPress.

Fulltime Freelancer/Mom

i love what i do 

I have an Associates Degree in Network Systems Administration. I’ve worked in the IT field for over 6 years and worked for several Fortune 500 companies in Dallas, Texas.

I found WordPress out of necessity. My father needed help getting his trucking business online. I decided to DIY it. I googled upon WordPress, along with TONS of tutorials and that same night I had his website setup and live.


Fast forward to today, I turned my hobby into my new means!

When I’m not busy with my daughter you can find me in a book or on the road for a good ol‘ hiking trip.


I started creating sites the old fashioned way which then lead me to find and do a couple of bootstrap projects. When I found WordPress it was a game changer (so much easier).


WordPress, Bootstrap, Foundation5

Sys admin

cPanel, SSL, WHM, Hosting, SMTP


HTML5, CSS3, JS, jQuery

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